kelsey page
the basics
early life
Describe your character as a child. What were their hobbies, dislikes, fears and habits?
What was their adolescent social life like? Did they have a large group of friends, or a handful? Were they popular?
In what ways is your character like their family? In what ways are they different?
What was their education like? What type of student were they?
past influences
Describe a difficult decision your character has made in the past. What has your character achieved or done that they are most proud of? What things or people would your character point to as having the most influence over their personality, behavior, and personal identity? How many significant romantic relationships have they had? How did your character handle the break ups? Describe a time and place where your character felt truly happy and at ease. What embarrasses them? If someone were to humiliate your character, what would they have to do?
beliefs and opinions
Are they naturally optimistic or pessimistic? Do they look for the best in others? Always plan for the worst case scenario? Do they have any religious views? How would they describe themselves spiritually? Do they follow politics? What social issues concern them most? If your character could volunteer their time to any causes, what would they want to do? Do they believe in ghosts? The paranormal? Aliens? Have they had any other worldly experiences, would they swear their garage is haunted, do they use tarot cards? How violent are they? What situations would make them prone to physical violence? How would your character define success? Is there anything your character absolutely would not do, under any circumstances?
How would they describe the most important person in their life (without using a name)?
40. How would you describe your character's sexuality? How would they describe their own sexuality?
41. What attitudes or beliefs about sex were instilled in your character at an early age? Was it openly discussed in their household?
42. When did your character begin taking an interest in sex? When did they lose their virginity?
42. How important is sex to your character? How would they handle a significant dry spell?
43. Does your character look at sex casually, or prefer to keep it within committed relationships?
44. Do they have any fetishes or kinks they would consider unusual?
45. What are your characters views on the sex industry? Have they worked in it? Would they ever work in it?
46. Is your character naturally more dominant or submissive?
47. What are their hangups about sex? What makes them feel insecure? What do they worry about?
48. Has your character had any same sex experiences or relationships? If not, how would a same sex experience affect them?

self image and personality
49. What are their defining quirks, mannerisms, habits, or rituals?
50. What qualities does your character possess that they would say makes them strong?
51. What are their personality flaws? Are they aware of them?
52. Are they generally introverted or extraverted?
53. How do they handle stress? What stresses them out the most?
54. How does your character feel about their body? Are they comfortable getting undressed? Do they worry about their health? What is their relationship with food?
55. What makes them jealous? How do they express jealousy? How do they feel if their partner becomes jealous?

the future...
58. Something major happens to turn their world upside down. What is the event? How do they cope?
59. What is one belief your character has now that you think will change further down the road?
60. If you could give your character any advice at this point in their life, what would you tell them?
extras, npc's & ships!
63. Describe the most important NPC characters in their day to day life? (provide pictures, if you have them!)
67. What was the very first jumpoff idea you had that inspired your character? How did you come up with it?
68. What is one major line you would love to have filled by another writer, in a dream world where you are both organically compatible?
69. Who, in game, do you ship your character with and why?
70. Who (not including your character) do you ship in game? Include any and all crackships/friendships/sunken ships!