kelsey elyse page
the basics
Full name? What do they normally go by? What does their name mean, how did they get it? her full name is kelsey elyse page, she typically goes by kelsey or kels, occasionally kel. kelsey is a given name meaning 'from the ship's island'. elyse was her maternal grandmother's name meaning "pledged to god". Where was your character born? Have they lived anywhere else besides Nashville? kelsey was born in new orleans, louisiana on august 22, 1993 where she lived until late 1996 when her parents had divorced. after that she, along with her mother and older brother, moved to boston, massachusetts to live in the dorchester neighborhood with her maternal grandmother and uncle in a 2-bedroom low-income apartment. they would stay in the general area for the next ten years when kelsey and her brother moved to nashville in 2006 to live with their father, whom they had spent their summers with. this move was due largely in part to the absence of her mother due to taking on a wayward lifestyle and her grandmother's long hours working leaving the children with no adult supervision. What is your character's relationship like with their parents and immediate family? Where does their extended family live? the relationship with both of her parents is at times strained, though significantly more with her mother, jennifer (42), the majority of the time. kelsey and her father, curtis (43), who lives in nashville, occasionally butt heads but for the most part have an amicable relationship, focusing primarily on working together. she has kept a distance from her mother emotionally and physically with the woman remaning in new england. for the last ten years the phone calls were scarce and visits were few and far between and almost always resulted in fights, until recent months when her mother was released from prison. with a significant change in her mother's lifestyle with an effort to maintain her sobriety, mental health, secure a job, and overall stability, kelsey has made an point to be in contact with her mother. she also has a stepmother, gina (39), who she considers her closest parental figure. since moving to nashville, kelsey has looked up to gina as a maternal figure and genuinely respects and admires her. her maternal grandmother passed away her first year of college after a very brief illness while still living in boston. her mother has one younger brother, miles who lives in seattle with his fiance, kerry. her father's parents, john and dana, and grandmother, ruth live in nashville, having moved there shortly after their son in 1999. her father has 2 siblings, a brother, calvin who lives in miami and one sister, cecilia who lives in wilmington, north carolina with her family. Describe them physically: appearance, dress, mannerisms, speech? kelsey stands 5'3" with shoulder-length curly hair. she is a natural brunette but has dyed her hair blonde for the past 4 years. when she arrived in nashville, she had a thick boston accent that has nearly disappeared in last decade, replaced with the hint of a southern drawl on certain words. her roots can be found after a few drinks or in cases of extreme exhaustion when she can't be bothered with pronouncing an occasional "r". when it comes to singing she has a 3 octave, 8 note range. while speaking, especially when she's feeling particularly passionate or rambling, she has a habit of gesticulating like crazy. Do they have any allergies, illnesses, take any medications or have any defining physical weaknesses or disabilities? allergies: seasonal: dust, mold, pollen, etc.
illnesses/injuries: anxiety, tendonitis, multiple minor sprains
medications: zyrtec, xanax, formerly on a low dose of wellbutrin
How old are they? Do they act their age? Does their age have any kind of impact on their decisions at this point in their life? she is currently 23-years-old, but has frequently been told she acts older than her age. this is likely due to the fact that for most of her formative years she was forced to be the adult. at this point it feels like something inherent to her. however, she has no problem switching gears and acting her age depending on the situation. her age has little to do with decisions she makes, as kelsey subscribes to the idea of following her instincts over what she "should" be doing based on that, believing her life will be signficantly more enjoyable if she's living it for herself instead of to the standards and opinions of those around her.
early life
Does your character have siblings? How did their birth order affect their personality? kelsey is the second oldest of five, with one older brother, coleton (27) and three younger half-siblings. together gina and her father have three young children: nathan (7), jacob (5), and marina (3), all of whom kelsey is extremely close with. the oldest, nathan, was born deaf which prompted the family to learn asl to make communication easier. the majority of her life kelsey was spent as the youngest child, having grown up exclusively with her older brother. there was a balance of camaraderie having gone through a relatively difficult upbringing together with a decent dose of sibling rivalry and head-butting. while they don't always see eye-to-eye, kelsey does hold her older brother's opinion in high regard and values his support tremendously. by the time her younger siblings came along, kelsey found the older sister role came naturally. she made a conscious effort to stay close to home after high school in order to be a present force in her siblings' lives. Describe your character as a child. What were their hobbies, dislikes, fears and habits? as a kid, kelsey was very precocious, even too smart for her own good. she talked early and often, much like she does now. shortly after moving to boston she began dancing at the studio owned by her mother's best friend's parents, who took her on as a "scholarship" for the next ten years due to her family's limited income. in her grandmother's free time, she taught kelsey and her brother how to play piano and sing at the church they attended where kelsey also sang in the children's choir. more than anything, her concerns were focused on the precarious financial situation of her family, her fear that they might someday be out of a home. she also has never been a fan of both birds and spiders, and despises cashews.
past influences
Have there been any traumatic or life changing events in their past that have inlfuenced them consciously or subconsciously? there have been a few events kelsey would consider traumatic and still impacts her. the first was when she was caught shoplifting and held overnight, her grandmother's way of teaching her a lesson and avoiding her going down a similar path that her mother had. while this wasn't by any means the worst scenario that could've happened, it was enough to scare the girl off her bad behavior and keep it, for the most part, on the straight and narrow. the next was thanksgiving when she was 16 and her mother locked herself in the bathroom and attempted suicide. kelsey and her grandmother managed to open the lock and was the one to find her. this experience triggered a myriad of issues for kelsey and still impacts her today whether she realizes it or not. another would be the argument she had with her mother before her subsequent overdose and arrest shortly thereafter. Is there anything your character looks back on and wishes they had chosen differently? How do they handle regret and failure? at this point there isn't much kelsey wishes she'd chosen differently, primarily because she's pretty happy with where her life has ended up and the trajectory it's going. if anything, it might be dropping out of college, but her hard work has led to a number of opportunities she may not have otherwise had. when it comes to regret and failure, she is the kind of person to acknowledge what went wrong and look at herself critically (sometimes harshly) but eventually take it as a learning experience and continue on with her life. she is not one to dwell. Have they lost anyone significant to death? How has this affected them? her maternal grandmother who had a significant hand in raising her during her early years passed away from a brief battle with an aggressive form of cancer when kelsey was 19. the grief is something she carries with her, and occasionally affects her, though as time goes on it's been less and less. when it first happened it was extremely difficult for her to deal with, as her illness had been so quick. Has your character had any experience with addiction of any kind? What are the riskiest behaviors they've dabbled in? kelsey's experience with addiction comes mostly through her mother's own struggles with it. due to this, she has a tendency to err on the side of caution concerning how risky she will get. however, she is admittedly an adrenline junkie and at this point in her life has bungee jumped, gone skydiving, and swam with sharks, but the list of things she'd like to do is ever growing. additionally, she does enjoy her weed, but as far as drugs go that and shrooms are all she'll venture into trying without a prescription and purpose. when it comes to drinking, she certainly partakes, but is careful not to rely on it for a manner of comfort.
beliefs and opinions
Are they naturally optimistic or pessimistic? Do they look for the best in others? Always plan for the worst case scenario? kelsey is a very optimistic person, but also understands the importance of preparing for the worst. she likes to believe that people have good in them, but not to the point of niavity, and that many people unfortunately act with greed, prejudice, and selfishness. she wants the best, she hopes for it, she will always push for herself to be giving it and hold the people she cares about to the same standards, but she's cautious. she's not always easy to trust and open up because of this. Do they have any religious views? How would they describe themselves spiritually? on her mother's side they were raised christian, and attended church regularly, something kelsey was expected to do growing up with her mother and grandmother every sunday, while she didn't care much for sermon, she did enjoy the singing. on her father's side, her paternal grandfather is christian, while her grandmother is jewish and had raised kelsey's father to be jewish. while kelsey doesn't personally consider herself of any specific religion, she does see herself as more spiritual, and believes in putting good energy into the world and getting that back. she does enjoy the religious holidays on both sides primarily for the family togetherness and longstanding traditions. How violent are they? What situations would make them prone to physical violence? in any situation of conflict, kelsey will first and foremost try to diffuse it by using her words. she's not one to strike first, and will avoid it if at all possible. however, in the event she is attacked there is very little that would stop her from retalliating with equal force. she also would not hesitate to get physical in the event a child or animal was in danger and unable to defend itself. Is there anything your character absolutely would not do, under any circumstances? any kind of hard drug, really anything beyond weed and shrooms she will flat out never touch.
In general, how does your character interact with people they're meeting for the first time? How would you describe the first impression they make? for the most part, kelsey greets people in a warm and friendly manner, attempting to make them feel comfortable and most of the time she's reasonably successful at this. However, she also frequently falls into those socially awkward situations of telling her waiter "you too" when they tell her to enjoy her meal, though doesn't seem to realize it. she is always big on letting her inner weirdness shine through, which to some is charming while others may find it strange and offputting. She also is extremely uncomfortable with small talk and will attempt to break the ice as quickly as possible if she can. Even in cases where a reputation may precede a person, she is one to try and give the benefit of the doubt a majority of the time. Overall, she tries to keep her interactions as genuine as possible and doesn't particularly care for the idea of "faking it til you make it", she's more "what you see is what you get". What traits immediately make them feel comfortable around someone? What traits make them uncomfortable? kelsey is usually well in tune with the energy people are giving off around her and gravitates to those who share her own liveliness and willingness to connect. she's always excited to find common ground with someone, even in the simplest things, and will run with it. however, she's also equally as sensitive to negative vibes, abrasiveness, and generally has a pretty good sense of disingenuous behavior which she has no interest in engaging in. Are they comfortable in the spotlight? How do they handle attention? having grown up performing in both dance and music, kelsey is comfortable in the literal spotlight. she excelled in both of these areas from when she was young, receiving praise and encouragement from her instructors to pursue and share her natural abilities with the world, leading her to feel this is a positive environment. this has somewhat translated to her life away from the stage and given her the tools to handle her own and keep her cool with all eyes on her, but it certainly wouldn't be her first choice. she isn't one to act out or struggle for attention. Have they ever been in love? Do they fall in love easily? Describe how your character behaves when they love someone. she loves easily, but doesn't fall in love easily if that makes sense. kelsey has been in love before, but she'd have to follow that sentiment up with a comment on how it pales in comparison to her current feelings. to the people she loves she does her best to be a constant support. to kelsey love, trust, and honesty go hand-in-hand, even if that means being the voice of reason and speaking up when it's not the comfortable thing, it's coming from a good place; she will go above and beyond for her loved ones. when she is in love, there's very little she wouldn't do for that other person, within the means of not losing her own sense of self. she loves openly, with a full heart, believes in romantic gestures and makes a point to not just hear her partner out, but listen with the intent to learn and grow with him. she doesn't shy away from sharing her feelings, hopes, concerns, and believes that sharing the bad is as important as sharing the good. caring for their friendship is as important as caring for their romantic relationship. What do they look for in a partner? A friend? kelsey feels good relationships are built out of good friendships, so a lot of the characterics she gravitates to are similar. kindness, compassion, a good sense of humor, good communication, passion, willing to put up with (and even enjoy) her rambling, supportive and open to being supported, acceptance of each other, consideration for the baggage they're each carrying. they have to be down for her random adventures and ideas, and it helps if they get as excited about it as she will be. and she likes people who have a strong sense of self. she knows who she is and she appreciates the unique things that make the people close to her themeslves. Do they have kids? If yes, describe them as a parent. If no, do they want any? Bonus: describe the type of parent you think your character would be. she doesn't have kids currently, but she does want them. kelsey will strive to be the antithesis of her own mother. she wants to be there when her kids wake up and put them to bed each night, kiss their scraped knees, watch all of their school plays or baseball games or whatever they want to do. her biggest dream is a house full of laughter and love where she is a warm, supportive force in her childrens' lives. as a rule, kelsey sseldom puts up with bullshit, and the style would likely carry on with her parenting, though she's hardly the "rule with an iron fist" kind of gal. it would be known that her kids could come to her with anything and expect support, not judgement. she wouldn't be delusional to think her kids could do no wrong, she would strive to raise humble, compassionate, driven individuals who aren't afraid to speak up for the people who can't. she won't be without flaws, but she'll give them her best. How does your character handle conflict? With strangers? With loved ones? with strangers, she will do her best to diffuse the situation as quickly and easily as she can. if she can agree to disagree or simply walk away she will, there's no sense to her wasting her time on someone she's not going to see again and potentially escalating to something worse. she doesn't particulary trust people who are heated, especially if they're somehow impaired and will want to escape as quickly as possible. when it comes to hr loved ones, kelsey likes to handle conflict up front and in the moment it's happening. occasionally she'll need a moment to take a breath and collect her thoughts, but she isn't one to shy away and hope things simply resolve themselves. she'd rather confront an issue and have everything out on the table than let it fester and gets extremely frustrated when other people fail to do the same. If your character had a secret that could potentially destroy their reputation, is there anyone they would trust to tell it to? Or do they keep it to themselves? she does have trusted people (corey and rockie) she feels would not judge her for her past and would also not let the information out, even if things went sour between them. Does your character like to gossip? Can they keep a secret? she isn't big on gossip usually, it does happen from time to time if there's something she's naturally curious about, but the information almost always hits a roadblock with her. when it comes to someone confiding in her, she is extremely trustworthy.
When did your character begin taking an interest in sex? When did they lose their virginity? around age 14 kelsey began "dating" and becoming more interested in starting to explore, but she did not lose her virginity until she was 16 and had her first real boyfriend. How important is sex to your character? How would they handle a significant dry spell? sex is pretty significant for kelsey, especially in a relationship. she's had dry spells before and honestly just found other means of handling it for lack of better phrasing. Does your character look at sex casually, or prefer to keep it within committed relationships? while she has enjoyed a one night stand here and there, she is more inclined to sleep with someone she's comfortable with, whether they be dating or in a committed relationship. Has your character had any same sex experiences or relationships? kelsey has been with two women in the past, one in a threesome situation, while the other was a fling shortly after she dropped out of college, but never turned into a relationship and eventually fizzled out.
self image and personality
What are their defining quirks, mannerisms, habits, or rituals? kelsey speaks quickly, with purpose and typically a lot of passion behind her words. she has some off-center interests, a dark sense of humor that's only occasionally self-depricating, and is easily excitable especially when she finds something to connect with another person. in those moments of excitement, kelsey almost always resorts to using her hands to help her speak, though in certain company she'll already been signing her words as she speaks. she is extremely organized, frequently using spreadsheets to assist, and this bleeds over into how clean she keeps her home. nearly every day she tries to get in some kind of self-care ritual, whether it be yoga, meditation, a bath, long drive with some music, etc. but often its a combination. What qualities does your character possess that they would say makes them strong? above all, kelsey's resilience and optimism probably make her the strongest. in the hardest times of her life she's consistently been able to find the light and persevere through whatever is happening to get through and make it there. she is an empathetic and caring person who genuinely wants to listen to, understand, and help people as much as she can. What are their personality flaws? Are they aware of them? there are totally some big flaws in this girl and she's working on them. she has some anxiety and insecurities when it comes to being enough (good enough, smart enough, etc.) and is very aware of these and some lingering abandonment issues she's been plagued with for years. she's also somewhat concenred about coming on too strong and just overall being too much, but is always reluctant to make herself smaller to fit someone else's idea of how she should be. she is starting to find a balance with that. she gets easily frustrated and a lot of that accompanied by guilt, even if it's justified frustration. and sometimes she really relies on outside affirmation from people when it comes to things like that and her second guessing herself/her own self-care vs selfishness. Are they generally introverted or extroverted? actually she is kind of both, an extroverted introvert. while she is friendly and outgoing, she craves her time alone, struggles with small talk and prefers meaningful conversations, she's selectively social but not anti-social, and enjoys listening to others, but can get wrapped up in her own head. How does your character feel about their body? Are they comfortable getting undressed? Do they worry about their health? What is their relationship with food? kelsey is extremely comfortable with her body, in fact i think given the option she'd rather be in minimal to no clothing if the situation allowed it. she has spent her life working on her body, it is her main instrument, and she is proud of what it can do. fortunately, she was blessed with supportive teachers that considered proper nutrition as important as technique, and family members that loved to cook and wanted to pass on the knowledge. food it something kelsey holds dear. to her, a meal is a time to come together and share, it's a positive experience.
the future...
What is your ideal career endgame for your character? What will their life's work be? ideally kelsey will eventually purchase the studio she dances at from andrea and continue on with teaching and growing the business from what it is today. eventually she'd like to start a small performance company based out of the studio and some kind of accompanying foundation to give back ot the community. additionally, it is likely for a while she would continue to occasionally work at her father's recording studio on an as-needed basis. What is your ideal romantic endgame for your character? Marriage, kids, forever alone? i would love to see kelsey get married and have kids, it's been a huge dream of hers for as long as she could remember. family has never been a super stable thing for her, so having her own and really putting her all into it is huge for her. plus she loves the idea of having that solid partnership/teamwork in having a spouse and getting to have all of those big adventures and grow old with her best friend.
extras, npc's & ships!
Who, in game, has your character crushed on? How do they handle crushes? the only people she's really had any interest in have been wyatt and corey. corey and her became such close friends so quickly and just clicked, when she started getting interested in more than that it honestly freaked her out a little. kelsey usually just goes with the flow but she was very reluctant to give in to being into him and didn't think it would really ever happen which really bummed her out because she'd never really connected with anyone how she has with him. but once they both got their shit together and started being honest about it everything was very mutual. Who, in game, have they dated? before statelines started, kelsey dated danny for around a year, she broke up with him last december. she had a quiet period for a while and had a fling/dating thing with wyatt for a couple of months (april -july), and has now been with corey since september. If you had to pick a new pb/gender swap pb/older pb for them, who would you pick? new pb: allie silva (but no one would ever fit as good as rose)
gender swap: i have no idea for this! maybe a younger jesse williams
older pb: kerry washington
What is one major line you would love to have filled by another writer, in a dream world where you are both organically compatible? i would love to have her older brother in-game and have it actually stick! Who do you ship your character with? Who do you ship in game? Include any and all crackships/friendships/sunken ships! corey is an obvious, but i've been riding that ship since pretty early on in their conversations because they've just clicked from go. on another, more lesbian planet i would ship her with mars because they'd probably open a bakery together where you could play with puppies and kittens. i/kelsey will forever ship rockie and ty, if only because kelsey adores them both so much and thinks they'd really complement each other. lindsey and ryan, i love seeing little glimpses of their friendship but i will go down with that ship being more. i also majorly love a lot of the friendships around here. i feel like it's really rare to see this many strong female-female, male-male friendships in rp with such realistic dynamics.